What’s to come…

So I just want to kind of outline where exactly I’m going with this avatar shop. School starts tomorrow, but I’ll try to make time for avatar creation. Here’s a general plan for the coming months and even years.

Avatar Types

I’ll be covering three main avatar types. Robots, furries and aliens.


Robot avs will take a wide variety of forms ranging from sleek humanoid forms, to more abstract mech forms. This is something that I can really have fun with as any arrangement of metal can become a walking avatar. I’ll also try and work in some visual puns like the robots you see in shows like Futurama for example.


With furry avs, I want to try and cover animals that are less commonly made. In other words, no foxes, wolves or huskies. I’ll be concentrating on more exotic or uncommon animals from various environments such as exotic felines and canines, marine animals and even insects, all able to wear clothing. I’ll also be working on some fictional and mythical anthropomorphic avatars too.


This is another set of avatars that I can really have fun with. Aliens will basically be a mix of humanoids and feral creatures that can be as basic or random as possible. I can’t really fully describe what I’m going to do with them, but expect from nice and random as well as stylish things in this department.


Avatar Addons

The name pretty much speaks for itself. When you have an avatar, you need to add stuff to it.


I plan on making small sets of casual streetwear, a type of clothing item I feel SL is lacking. it’s mainly going to consist of things like cargo pants, jeans, hoodies, jackets, T-shirts, the works.


What’s more fun than having a mechanical bionic arm? A mechanical bionic arm and a giant eyeball for a face! I plan on dishing out some fun and unique add-ons for any type of avatar. Human, robot, furry, alien, you name it.


For those modders out there, I will be making addons for various avatars. These can range anywhere from sculpted body parts (ears/noses/muzzles/tails/wings) to addons and upgrades for mechanical beings. I can’t go into much detail as these will only come depending on what avatars I see fit to them. These will also come with textures and download links for PSDs for further editing.

Creation Methods

As you all know, mesh is live on the main grid right now and the number of viewers implementing mesh rendering and upload capabilities is increasing. The debate over mesh vs sculpty has been raging constantly. In my opinion, I see benefits and drawbacks on both sides.


Yes, I’m sticking with these little guys. In quite a few cases, they can prove to be both cost and prim effective and still deliver the same results. They’ll mainly remain on anthro and alien avatars for modding purposes on the buyer’s end. It’s always fun to scrap off different avatar parts and make something new. On top of that, they can prove to be cheaper in terms of the upload cost.


Change is good right? I’ve taken a bit of time to mess around with mesh in SL and I have to say, I like what I see. Its ability to retain detail and lower ARC can be very useful in certain avatar components as well as avatars that wuld normally be full prim. I’ll mainly use mesh for furry heads with eye sockets. It can be hell trying to retain the detail and creating a definite eye shape with a sculpty. meshes will also mainly be used in avatars that would normally be fully prim and not use the default avatar mesh. I’ll also be incorporating mesh into clothing to make adaptation to different shapes easier.


That’s all for now folks! I hope to see more of you over the years.

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