Red Panda Preview!

The texturing for the Red Panda avatar is complete! All that remains is for Doug to take care of the scripting. I also need to construct the HUD. The avatar will come in 12 colours. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Dark Green, Mint, Blue, Violet, Pink, Tan, White and Black) Enjoy the eye candy! Click on the images to zoom in.

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2 Responses to Red Panda Preview!

  1. Fire Panda says:

    Real red pandas don’t have paw pads, they have fluff like a rabbit. other than that these are pretty cute!

    • Blaze Borgin says:

      Yeah, though it was partly intentional in order to add customization. I see some users like to have recolourable pawpads, though I suppose I could have used a more realistic approach. I’ll keep that in mind for future avatars 🙂

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