Got Clothes?

Well, now that our avatars are coming out, I figured it’s also time to get started on our clothing and apparel products.

Our aim is to provide a variety of casual street clothes such as V necks, tanktops, multi layer tees, track jackets, hoodies and anything else! Textures and shading are going to be soft and come in a variety of colours. Clothing components made from objects such as shirt bottoms will have multiple fit types such as shirt bottoms that accomodate tails, or breast augmentation. Currently there is no way to properly deform rigged meshes or move them around. Even when multiple shape variations are made, one size will still not fit all. This limits customization and versatility. Due to this, we will not produce any fully rigged mesh clothing until it becomes less limiting. We will however do our best to make seams as minimal as possible as well as make it easy to edit the clothing to fit almost any avatar shape.

Be sure to keep an eye out! Coming up with the summer avatar release are V-necks, loose sweaters, spring pants and jeans! Satyr avatar components are also a good possibility!

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